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28 March 2015


Hugo, Brendon, Luke and George formed a team to enter the District Boot and Compass Challenge on Sunday 22nd March 2014.  In total there were 23 teams from Cub Packs across the district (teams were between 3 and 5 Cubs).

The event took place at Bernwood Forest and involved them competing against each other to navigate themselves around the course using their compasses.  There were 18 points to navigate to and at each location they had to collect a code and the compass bearing to the next point.

The winning team was 33rd Oxford who completed the course in 24 minutes, with 10th Oxford in second place just 26 seconds behind and 43rd Oxford came in at 26 minutes 21 seconds in third place.

Our Yarnton team had a fun (and muddy!) time completing the course.  They came in 7th place with a time of 29 minutes and 53 seconds!  Well done boys – you were fantastic!

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