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RaidOx 2017 Newsletter

26 Nov 2017

See what Falcon Explorers and Notnray network have been upto this weekend.
Many thanks to Wendy and Leaders for running around with us helping us find answers to obscure questions, and to Kathryn for making a really excellant cake.
RaidOx 2017 Newsletter 2

Spring Newsletter 2017

7 Apr 2017

Spring Newsletter 2017
Here is the latest newsletter 

Autumn Group Newsletter

17 Nov 2016

Autumn Group Newsletter
Here is the latest newsletter scout-newsletter-autumn-2016


12 Sep 2016

A huge treasure hunt/make/video around Oxford
Details TBC

Christmas Camp Survey results

8 Jun 2016

The results of the Christmas Camp Survey can be found here  Christmas Camp Survey results web
Thankyou to all those who completed it.
If you still wish to complete the survey, it can be found at
There was some good news from the survey as we had some offers of help. Unfortunately as the survey was anonymous you needed to enter your details in the …