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Cub Camp 2015

31 August 2015

The Cubs enjoyed camp between 3-5th July 2015 at 24th Abingdon Scout HQ in Dry Sandford.  The weather held out for the whole weekend although the clouds came over at night preventing them to star gaze to complete their astronomy badge.

Even so they completed the naturalist badge by finding and identifying insects, butterflies, water critters from the stream, flowers and trees.  On the Saturday they cooked their lunch on the camp fire and due to the hot weather a water game in the afternoon was required to cool down before carving a pair of chopsticks.

Before heading home on Sunday they created a human solar system and sent some water rockets up into the air, losing one in the trees nearby!

Thanks to Jo, Rob, James, Sam, Nay and Kev for their help across the weekend

Pictures from the weekend can be found here